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​Rotary Evaporator Set With Auto Lift For Evaporation 2lt

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​Rotary Evaporator Set With Auto Lift For Evaporation 2lt

​Rotary Evaporator Set With Auto Lift For Evaporation 2lt

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Τιμή : 2208 €
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【SUPERIOR MATERIAL】- The mechanical structure is made of anti-rust aluminum alloy. The glass bottle is made of high borosilicate glass, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.
【ACCURATE DIGITAL DISPLAY】- The rotary evaporator with automatic lift is equipped with a precise digital display speed controller. It can show the current data in time and adjust it according to your needs.
【EFFICIENT CONDENSER】- The rotary evaporator equipment uses a serpentine condenser tube, which not only has a large condensation area but also has high distillation efficiency. It is suitable for liquids with lower fees.
【GREAT VACUUM PERFORMANCE】- Using the high quality polytef and silicone as the material, the small rotary evaporator matains an excellent vacuum and high sealing.
【MULTIPLE APPLICATION】- Rotary evaporators are mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries.

-Speed: 0-120RPM/Min
-Motor Power: 40W
-Temperature Control Range: 0-99 °C
-Temperature Control Accuracy: ± 1 °C
-Rotary Bottle Capacity: 1L-2L
-Collect Bottle Capacity:1L
-Vacuum degree: 0.098Mpa
-Evaporator Capacity: 20ml/Min
-Lifting Distance: 0-150mm
-Glass Temperature Range: -80-250°C
-Package Size: 61 x51 x75cm/24 x20 x 29inch
-Gross Weight:37.85Kg(83.4lbs)

Package Content
-1 x Waterbath
-1 x Condenser
-1 x Rotary Bottle
-1 x Collect Bottle
-1 x Rotary Evaporator
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