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Rotary Evaporator RotoVap 5lt 220V-180°C
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Rotary Evaporator RotoVap 5lt 220V
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【SUPERIOR MATERIAL】- The mechanical structure is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The glass bottle is made of high borosilicate glass, which is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.
【ADVANCED VACUUM SYSTEM】- The vacuum system is equipped with a vacuum gauge. It can choose the lowest optimal working vacuum for the material boiling point.
【EFFICIENT CONDENSER】- The product uses a serpentine condenser tube, which not only has a large condensation area but also has high distillation efficiency. It is suitable for liquids with lower fees.
【MANUAL LIFTING】- The adjustment can be made by operating the lifting hand wheel on the steering column. When you adjust it upward, it will flip up, and turning in the opposite direction will fall.
【MULTIPLE APPLICATION】- Rotary evaporators are mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation, and solvent recovery in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biopharmaceutical industries.

-Brand: VEVOR
-Input: 220V
-Bracket Material: Stainless Steel; Aluminum Alloy
-Flask & Condenser: Borosilicate Glass
-Boiling Flask Capacity: 5L
-Receiving Flask Capacity: 3L
-Rotation Speed: 0-90rpm(stepless Adjustable)
-Motor Power: 40W
-Water bath power:1.5KW
-Water Bath Pan Lift Range: 12cm / 4.7"

Package Content
-1 X Rotary Evaporator Set
-1 X Water Bath
-1 X 5L Rotary Bottle
-1 X 3L Collecting Bottle
-1 X Glass Condenser
- 2 Years Warranty