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Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry Cleaner Ultrasonic Machine 15L/Digital Sonic Cleaner
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Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry Cleaner Ultrasonic Machine 15L/Digital Sonic Cleaner
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【ULTRASONIC & DEGASSING】-Ultrasonic vibration treatment method, reliable penetrating power, high-power industrial-grade vibration head, high-frequency cleaning. The degassing function protects the product from oxidation or other chemical reactions with the air during the cleaning process, increasing gloss, and improving cleaning efficiency.
【DEEP CLEANING & HEATING FUNCTION】- Built-in high-frequency vibration technology can excite the transducer. The cleaning frequency of 40KHz can remove stains on items in a few seconds. With a constant temperature heating function, it can improve the cleaning effect. It can heat up to 80℃.
【SMART CONTROL PANEL】- Smart control panel is more stable and durable than traditional buttons. Simple and easy to operate, the cleaning cycle time can be freely set (1-30 minutes), select the required time, and it will automatically turn off after cleaning.
【SEMIWAVE FUNCTION】- The ultrasonic jewelry cleaner has Semiwave function. You can turn on the half-wave to reduce the power (for example, 100W, only 50W after turning on the half-wave, but only for high energy, not for heating power). This function can protect some items (requires slow cleaning, cannot Strong cleaning).
【SAFETY PROTECTION】 - Double safety switches with ground wire, industrial power cord, insulated handle, high temperature, anti-static, more secure. Sonic jewelry cleaning machine adopts a 3D cooling system, fast heat dissipation, protection circuit, increase service life.

-Material: SUS304 Stainless steel
-Voltage: 220V
-Capacity: 15L
-Ultrasonic power: 180W/360W
-Heating power: 300W
-Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHZ
-Tank size: 300x300x150mm
-Time Setting: 0-30mins
-Temperature setting: Room temperature-80℃
-Gross Weight: 10.56kg/23.28lbs
-Package Size: 46x42x343cm/18.11x16.53x13.38inch